The Island

The Island

Your Between the Lakes Family Connection

Welcome to Between the Lakes Virtual Academy and I would like to personally welcome you to the ISLAND.

The ISLAND is a program created to help e-school families stay connected to each other as well as connecting within our district and community. As the Specials Coordinator I created the ISLAND to be a support or tool for families all around the state and right within my own backyard. Besides being a coordinator I am also a music teacher, and a homeschool and e-school mom. No matter what my role I have discovered that families of all kinds, (whether e-school, public, private, or home schooled), appreciate opportunities to be together and connect with other families for support. So my goal in creating the ISLAND is to offer families some fun options for taking some classes, going on field trips, or just spending time as a family or with other families.

The ISLAND is a completely optional program. Families can choose to participate in all, some, or none of the activities. Each month I will send out a newsletter inviting families to specific events. Some events or classes are virtual and anyone not interested can just click delete. For some events, you may need to sign up ahead of time or contact me to let me know you are interested. One of my goals was also to find events that would be as cost-friendly as possible. And all events are Family Friendly!

Below I have included my contact information. Please do not hesitate to call me with questions about classes, special event ideas, or any concerns.

Best Wishes,

Christine Clements
(715) 460-4331

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Between the Lakes Virtual Academy to provide student access to a challenging, high-quality, curriculum, in a flexible home environment. The Between the Lakes Virtual Academy provides a standards-based, online or blended instructional program through a personalized learning approach.